Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It is summer and logically there will be some days in which our company will be closed.
In any case, we won't be as most of the companies that close about 15 or 21 days; we think the fast service is one of the most important things nowadays, and we like to take care of our customers.
Then, the only days we will be closed up to the end of the year are:

25th of July: Spain National Holiday.
15th of August: National Holiday
1st of September: Local Holiday
8th of December: National Holiday
25th of December: Christmas Day

The last week of August (from 25 to 31) we have our local Holiday Week, but our factory won't close. That week just the 50 % of our staff will work.
If you have any doubt about it, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Websites of the group

We have just launched two new websites of the Frucosol group: www.secadoradecopas.com and www.tutrabajoemprendedor.com .
The titles are in Spanish because they are thought to catch people to sell our products; the first one is completely dedicated to our latest product, the glass dryer and polisher machine, as we have checked that since the first day, people is enchanted with this machine.
The second one is thought for those people that are looking for a new way of earning some money; we offer possibilities to work every day selling our products, as we have checked (in our experience) that there are many options and the success is almost a reality.
Do not doubt it and visit our new web sites.