Friday, December 30, 2011

Frucosol Christmas Evolution...

And the last entry of this year 2011 will be dedicated to our marketing department, a very important part in Frucosol everyday life...Without our partner Sara Arenzana, the image of Frucosol wouldn't be as nice and dynamic as it is today!!






Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Providing smiles to the children from Moroccan dessert

Last October it took place the III Edition of the Morocco X-TREME that was carried out by the Adventure Club Touareg. This last edition has been characterized by the hard roads drivers have suffered together with the last Navigation and Driving techniques through 2800 kms in less than 9 days. They crossed over any type of landscape: oueds, hamads, mountains roads, and so on.

Frucosol joined this adventure providing humanitarian values with the help of the drivers; in that way, Frucosol put them in charge of giving school materials to the children from several colleges.

In the club own words after finishing the III Edition: "Thanks to the Company FRUCOSOL from La Rioja, the club has showed its solidarity side. When we deliver the school tools that company had given us to the poorest children we found was one of the most exciting moments of this adventure".

On Frucosol's behalf we want to thank this club ( for delivering directly this help to the children of this poor land.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Visit to the office of Frucosol UK

Although Frucosol UK is a reality since about 2 months ago, our people hadn't been able to visit them until some days ago.

Fernando Deza (Production Department Manager) and Victor Martinez (Export Department Manager) visited their offices and spent one day with Mr. Harry Chapman and Trevor Hughes. They had some time to discuss their everyday doubts, visited some customers and talked face to face about suggestions and improvements they have found for our products.

There were no much more time to do anything else but it was the first of many visits Frucosol staff is going to do for sure.

As always, we leave you some pictures of our day there: