Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some Frucosol customers

Today, we want to share a video our marketing department has developed with the help of some of our dealers. Here you can see some examples of happy customers with any of our range of machines: automatic juicers, cutlery polishers, glass polishers, wine cellars...

We hope to share with you a second part of this video in a near future.

Friday, April 15, 2011

We have found a very interesting post in the following website:

"Orange Juicer Australia: Do You Need One?

Orange is typically reckoned as one of the power foods, which can keep you healthy while preventing you from developing chronic illness. Well, why not to bank on nature's finest, tasty and affordable food to stay healthy for years! But the fact is, oranges are pretty messy to eat and the whole process of peeling the skin and eating the slices is also much time consuming. And this is exactly when you need something automatic, something dependable to rely on, to get fresh orange juice and this is where the orange juice machine Australia is playing its part.

It is by processing through the orange juicer you get the easy and tasty way to have all the nutrients that oranges have to offer. Honestly, nothing can surpass the food value and taste of the freshly squeezed orange juice. And now the whole process of making orange juice has been rather simplified as orange juicer Australia has flooded the market with automatic juicers to save your time and energy. This offers you the ultimate freedom to have orange juice whenever and wherever you want. Yes, it's that easy and simple to have orange juice at almost any time of the day- just like mom used to make it - buy oranges, squeeze them to make the juice!

Available in an array of shapes, sizes, patterns and style, now the orange juice machine Australia offers you the utmost flexibility to supplement your meal with natural nutrients like Vitamin C and natural Fiber. The best part is some of the commercial orange juicers Australia are fully automatic which peels, slices and squeezes your oranges in the shortest span of time.

Well, undoubtedly you need the orange juicer for your home but here comes the million dollar question, which orange juice machine should you buy? Honestly, shopping for an orange juicer is quite like shopping for a television as there are arrays of brands , makes and models to choose from. Identify your need first prior selecting any orange juicer Australia because they come in all sizes and patterns and ranges from semi automatic to fully automatic, from residential juicer to commercial orange juicer Australia. It's indeed necessary to make your choice seriously.

And the good news is, aside from oranges, the juicer machine helps you to get fresh juice from other citrus fruits also, like lemons, grapes and many more. Let's face this, orange juice is the drink of champions and the tangy, and now with the juicer machine, the freshly squeezed orange juice can actually be enjoyed at any time of the day, after breakfast, in the afternoon, during supper and even after dinner!

Commercial Orange Juicer Australia is the best way to get Fresh juice for your better health."