Friday, August 2, 2013

One new customer in the US

Recently, we have sent one of our cutlery polishers, in this case the model SH3000, to one new customer in the US: Don Carlos Mexican Restaurant, in Houston (TX).

As it is detailed in their website, "...This business was built on pride and hard work. What separates Don Carlos from others in the restaurant industry, is the quality and attention to detail. Ambiance, Quality, and Service are the focus of this company.
Currently with 4 locations, Gerry and Christos plan to expand in new markets in the near future."

Quality and attention to detail are two characteristics that are very important for any business, but if we are talking about a restaurant, we can say that these are essential. In that way, using a cutlery dryer and polisher machine will help our friends to increase the quality and image of their cutlery in their tables.

We hope you enjoy!

P.D. Thanks to our friend Paul Ballenger for the sale, of course!