Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interview to Tanel Kriisa, Eltermo (Estonia)

We are modifying our website and one of the new points we are going to include is an interview with some of our dealers. One of the first ones is the company Eltermo (Estonia) and those are some words from its manager, Mr. Tanel Kriisa.

What is Eltermo?
Eltermo is an Estonian trade company which is operating in various fields of business and always interested in expanding its work :
Eltermo`s main goal is to help to make work easier, more productive, to save time & money for our clients and end-users.

Which are your main customers?
Our main customers are from HoReCa sector (hotels, restaurants, cafes, caterings). Our clients are also shopping malls, public buildings/institutions, offices, night clubs, universities and even few civilians.

Why did you choose Frucosol products? Did you compare it with other brands?
Actually at first we found commercial citrus juicer from UK and even visited their office in June 2007. Though we decided not to work with them as communication with them was almost non-existing. How can you make business if you`ll get reply after a week?.
We are very glad that we found Frucosol contacts from internet and also very pleased that their product range is wider than just juicers and many other innovative products in list. We like that they are working on research and development of current products and making new exclusive machines.

Do you have something to say to Frucosol people?
We are very glad with your excellent service. Especially I like the possibility to contact with your export manager Mr. Victor Martinez by skype whenever I need to ask or discuss something. We can not imagine business with Frucosol without Victor


We will put some more examples in the future.

Friday, June 5, 2009

NRA Show 2009

We are back! The NRA Show 2009 finished about 2 weeks ago, and it is very soon to consider it successful or not, but we have good feelings about it.
Our machines are more known in the American market, something very good for us, as it is a good sign about the quality of the machines.

Some customers took the oportunity to get very good prices for our products, such as THE SHADE HOTEL in California, MODIS from Colorado or PAPASPIROS in Illinois.

We could check that the economical situation has affected too to the US, but it is clear that they are very positive people and it is almost sure they will be the first ones in getting out from the crisis...

We have to thanks again our dealer from Florida, Mr. Edward (ORANGE MAN), as he was as helpful as always.
In order you can see how was our booth, I enclose some pictures.