Friday, April 25, 2014

Frucosol in Austria - Österreich

Recently, we have started to cooperate with one of the most important dealers in Austria, the company TBI Trade that has started to offer some of our products to their customers.

Just some days ago, the owner of the company, Mr. Thierry Brousse, received the first glass froster machines and he has already contacted with an important Co2 gas supplier to start offering this new machine. We cannot forget that the glass froster GF1000 has been the star product in our last Exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Dubai, Milan and Gent.

We invite you to visit their website where you could find very interesting products for bars, hotels, restaurants, hospitals...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Alimentaria 14

Last week, from 31st to 3rd of April, we were as exhibitors in the Alimentaria International Food and Drinks Exhibition, in Barcelona (Spain).

This edition was " its most international edition with 140.000 visitors, 30% of them from other countries and 3.800 exhibitors". And we were one of these almost 4000 exhibitors...

Although we have been exhibiting in this Trade Fair since 1998, we have noticed that the last edition has been one of the best, with a lot of professional people, more international visitors and a great interest in all our products.

Automatic orange juicers, cutlery and glass polishers, decarbonisers, and of course our new glass froster machine were some the products people could check themselves in our stand.

Fazenda Restaurant from Leeds (UK), Salones Venecia (Sevilla), Restaurant Santa Llucia (Roses-Girona), Bar Tip-Top (Barcelona), Mirador del Alcalde (Barcelona) and many more took the opportunity to get good offers and have already ordered some of our machines.

We are in contact with many more customers and friends, so we are sure that we will increase the Frucosol family in the next months.

We show you next some pictures of our stand...