Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Frucosol machine: a glass chiller

Maybe, if you have come to Spain in the last months you have seen a machine that freeze the glasses in a few seconds... and it has the Frucosol name on it....yes, we also manufacture it!!

Since about 5 months ago, we have been manufacturing and selling this machine (mod. Gf1000) in the National market, and we are proud to say that the results are excellent...more than 400 units in less than 150 days with a soft promotion campaign has lead us to inform all our International Dealers.

We could say that is is our simplest machine as it hasn't any motor, electronic device, digital counter, or something like this. The only thing we need is a CO2 liquid gas cylinder (for food use) with dip tube (that is, the same used for beer dispensers), connect it to the machine and start to freeze our glasses.

You can see a video of how it works here, or you can download the technical file. Below you could find some pictures of the machine.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cook and Clean

Two simple words that resume two main jobs that are carried out every day in any kitchen from all the world.

These are also words that are base of the website of one of our new friends, Marcin Bojarski from Poland who has set up his own company of foodservice, catering and cleaning equipment.

Then, we would like to invite you and visit his website and check not only Frucosol machines, but also dishwashers, ice machines, fryers....that is, any machine you may need for your business.