Friday, July 18, 2014

The beauty of Frucosol juicers

This is the title one of our dealers has used to describe our orange juice machine F50.

We usually show you different pictures from our customers, dealers in different Exhibitions, and pictures we see when we attend several places, but today we want to share the words of our friend, Paul Ballenger, from the company Coffee Makers USA

"Frucosol Juicers are made in the Spanish town of Calahorra in the northern province of La Rioja. You may have heard of La Rioja, as it is world-renowned for its wonderful wines, and its robust history is interwoven and influenced by Romans, Muslims, Basques, Moors, and Christians.
Coming from such a beautiful part of the world, you would expect Frucosol Juicers to be beautifully designed, and they certainly are. The juicers are fun to watch in action, and the design is about as straightforward as it could be.
The Calahorra Cathedral was designated in 1931.

The process is very simple, really.

  • The citrus fruit goes into a hole in the top of the machine and falls into a socket in a wheel.
  • The wheel turns and the fruit is carried to a blade where the fruit is sliced in half.
  • The two halves are then carried by the wheel (or wheels, depending on the model) to where they meet with another wheel with ball-shaped cogs. These cogs fit perfectly in the holes in the first wheel.
  • With fruit fruit caught between the ball and socket parts of the wheels, the juice is easily squeezed from the fruit.
  • The fruit drips through a strainer and directly into a pitcher or glass; the peels are discarded into plastic bins.
The inside of the Frucosol F-50 Juicer
The inside of the front of the Frucosol F-50 Juicer
Opening the back cover and looking into the moving parts reveals the simplicity of the machine. Everything is powered by one electric motor, which turns the 4 gears.
The inside of the back of the Frucosol F-50 – it’s only a motor and 4 gears.
 There are the only a few moving parts on the Frucosol F-50 Juicer, but it has the power squeeze the juice from up to 25 oranges, lemons, or limes in one minute.
Frucosol Juicers are more than just good looks…
We have imported and sold the Frucosol F-50 Juicer for nearly 5 years. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, we’ve rarely had problems with the machine. When we have experienced issues, it’s a relief knowing how easily these machines can be repaired. All in all, the machine is beautiful in design and cutting-edge in terms of functionality.
If you have a coffee shop, juice bar, or a Mexican restaurant, consider adding fresh-squeezed juice to your offerings"