Friday, June 24, 2011

New Frucosol Customers

Summer is here....sun, hot, ice creams, cold beers, cokes....people is enjoying a lot as many of them are on holidays but we don't stop.

During this month of May, new customers have joined to our family; companies like New Chef (Italy), Berkem (France), Shangri-La Hotel (India), Kudu (UAE) and many more are now enjoying Frucosol products.

We hope after some years we can still count with them as part of FRUCOSOL family. Thanks to all of them.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Frucosol and The Collections' Exhibition Trueque 2011

During last weekend, it took place in Calahorra the III Exhibition of Collections Trueque 2011, an anual Exhibition organized by the Youthful Association El Lazarillo.

It is clear this Exhibition has nothing to do with Frucosol Business, but our company collaborated with this association and helped with the advertisement brochures about the Exhibition. As well, one of our people helped them to mount and dismount the Exhibition. This association is trying to give children different alternatives to the usual video games such as collecting stamps, coins, figures, stickers, and so on. We think it is an interesting activity and this is why Frucosol helped them as much as possible.

You can visit their website (it is in Spanish) where you could see different activities they have carried out: