Thursday, April 3, 2008

Estonia, one of our best customers

Today I would like to present some pictures from different places in Estonia; one of our best customers, Mr. Tanel Kriisa from the company Eltermo, is making a very good job there. As a proof of that, and as it is said, one image is better than 1000 words.
The pictures are from places like a fitness club, a shopping mall, a metal factory, a gypsy and middle age restaurant, etc...


Tanel Kriisa (Eltermo Ltd. in Estonia) said...

Thank you for those kind words about us, Victor! We are trying to do our best:) though there is always possible to do better way..

Thank you very much for your great co-operation, help and advise in every situation. It has been really pleasure to do business with FRUCOSOL S.L.

I am sure that other dealers/distributors have also good experiencies and will agree with me.

Anyway, good luck for everybody in selling exclusive Frucosol products..

A Good Way To Help HoReCa customers!!!;)

A good friend said...

Thanks very much Tanel, and go on working as you have done until now!

Renato said...

Hola Victor, aqui visitando tu blog. Lindas fotos en este post y veo que tu empresa esta cada vez mas internacional, felicitaciones.