Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Interview with Edward Eldredge, the ORANGE MAN (USA)

What is Orange Man?
Orange Man Commercial Juicers is a company with the purpose to market automatic commercial citrus juicing equipment within the United States and Canada. Oranges seem to be the most popular for juicing out of all the different types of citrus fruit. This is the reason we picked the name “Orange” Man. Our logo was created with the super hero theme to imply and provide “super” / superior quality and service.

How is your work everyday?
Fine, yours? My workday mostly entails responding and answering potential customers questions and inquiries.
Also processing new juicer orders and servicing existing customers with parts orders when the need arises.

Why did you choose Frucosol products? Did you compare it with other brands?
Victor at Frucosol contacted us first and we thank him for this. We were sellin another brand but some changes made our cost increased a lot. As one door seemed to be closing another door was opening. Our company was now seeking a new juicer line to add to our website at that time and Victor’s email contact had perfect timing. We were speaking with other companies in Brazil, etc. but talks broke down mostly over there wholesale cost structure being too high.

Which are your most sold products?
I believe this is the Frucosol “F50" automatic commercial orange juicer.

Have you sold something outside USA? Is it one of your objectives?
Yes, we have sold to Canada numerous times and we desire to continue to service the USA and Canada.

Do you have something to say to Frucosol people?
Yes, I enjoy my friendship with all of the Frucosol people in whom I have relationships with. I also look forward to a mutually prosperous business relationship that the future years may bring to us both.

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