Friday, November 11, 2011

Main characters in Milan

We just came back from Milano Exhibition (HOST) about more than 10 days ago, but today it is the first time we have some "free time" to inform you about our experience.

There were 5 very busy days, with lot of visitors checking our machines, answering hundreds of questions, closing some business...and above all, meeting our friends. We are many years in the market so we don't have customers, we have friends who are making better their customers' lives, people like Tanel from Estonia, Harry and Trevor from the UK, Apo from Lebanon, Mr. Kabeer and Mr. Zaki from Dubai, Wilson and Gilbert from Indonesia, Mr. Sharfstein from Israel, Mr. Simchai from Israel too, Noemi from Chile, Kristian from Finland, Bruno from France...and many more.

As well, we presented there our new logo, and the comments couldn't be better: all our visitors agreed that it was nicer than the old one.
As always, we prefer to share some pictures from the Show...

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